Deforest Photography

     Hello and thank you again for stopping by the Deforest Photography web page! If you've had a chance to browse through my images, you've probably had the opportunity to view my particular style of photography. I believe it's clear that from the very first black and white image of the industrial engine machinery on my intro page, that I take the extra steps in bringing forward the little details that often matter most. Whether it be a broken down vintage type writer, a pair of rings resting on a toy, or an abandoned rusty truck, I often find beauty and interest in the mundane through creative angles and apertures.

 Having served 8 years in the United States Marine Corps, being a percussionist since the age of 12, and with over 20 years of working in the legal field, I consistently strive to achieve creative and crisp photography that I attribute to a life time of being dedicated to focusing on the little details. I truly believe that my personal life experience has greatly influenced my style as a self-taught photographer in producing revealing, yet beautifully rich photography that captures people in true moment's of their lives.

       I'm frequently asked what Deforest stands for. Deforest is my middle name, as well as the name of my grandfather and great-grandfather. I truly believe that a dedication to preserving my family history carries over into my photography as well.

That being said, the most important key to producing a great image is you have to have fun! This includes the photographer and the subject(s) being photographed. If it's you're wedding day, you have to have relax and savor the moment! Enjoy the day and experiences, because it only comes once in a life time! Well, usually. :) 

      Thank you for viewing the Deforest Photography website.  For any photography inquiries you may have, please leave a message on the contact me page and don't forget to add "Deforest Photos" on Facebook and on Instagram @DeforestPhotography. I'm available throughout Southern California and available to travel to other destinations (within reason) as well, upon request.Thanks for stopping by!



Portrait, Wedding, Quinceanera, Engagement, Modeling, Landscape and Entertainment photographer located in the Southern California Region.